tcp cloud's technology for continuous delivery of cloud infrastructure will be integrated with Mirantis OpenStack, enabling Mirantis to manage customer infrastructure "as a code" and perform seamless rolling updates.

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Infrastructure as a Service based on cloud computing technology form our live. Data is the key to the services, markets, cities of the future. Effective use of this technology shapes the foundation of smart cities. We convert the light into our systems and provide benefits from the integarted infrastucture, which also includes solutions for traffic, parking, spaces, logistics, tourism and local marketing for retailers. IoT - Smart Sensory Network with microcomputers as a gateway. This clever sensory network uses microprocessor technology placed in public lighting. It focuses on the development of IoT platform management for HW elements of mesh networks, gateways and automated cloud platform for sensor data processing. IQRF is a platform for low-speed, low power consumption, reliable and easy to use wireless connection, for example, telemetry, industrial control and building automation. It can be used with any electronic device. Furthermore, it can be used whenever you need wireless transmission of information, such as remote controls, monitors, alarm, remote display collected data or connect more devices to the wireless network. IQRF a complete ecosystem from one brand, including hardware, software, support level of development and services. IQRF network can easily be connected to the Internet via cloud server. It is an ideal tool for IoT.