Expert services


Our target includes being able to analyse customer requirements to build solutions suitable for customers . Our experts are able to propose Software Defined Networking strategy leading to network transformation and fulfill business and technical level on all networking topics relating to cloud infrastructure. This service can helps and explore how SDN is used in various parts of company's network and take into account network management, optimization, security and other wireless technologies.


Network Function Virtualization is a new architecture concept of virtualization network services that was carried out by dedicated hardware. Our experts are ready to advice and implement NFV which moves network function from HW devices into software. The point of NFV is to get network services performed by routers, firewalls and load balancers to be hosted on VMs. Because of server capacity client's data center will be able to reduce capital as well as operating expenses. This option enable more flexibility and allow customers more agile manner to changing business strategy and network service demands.


Another Expert Service offered by cloud architectures is in the area of object storage. SwiftStack is an object storage system includes extensive functions for deploying, integrating, managing and upgrading single and multi-region Swift clusters. We bring object storage analysis and detail information about this services to form whether it is suitable solution for your company.

Cloud Platform Development

It is the cloud area where your developers can create, build, extend and integrate their softwares and applications. This stable cloud environment offers you a development and application scaling for deploying and managing applications.

Cloud LabĀ 

We are able to provide you workshop environment to test, design and manage your APIs and other solutions in stable cloud lab infrastructure with the assistance of a team with the right skills and experience.


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