BGPaaS in OpenStack - Kubernetes with Calico in OpenStack with OpenContrail

BGPaaS together with configurable ECMP, Intel DPDK and SRIOV support are key features of the new release. All of these features show that OpenContrail became the number one SDN/NFV solution for telco and service providers. Simply because telcos as Deutsche Telekom, France Telekom and AT&T pick this as solution for the SDN. The last named has significantly influenced features in the last OpenContrail release. To explain the reasons for these requirements and decisions you can watch Austin OC meetup videos, where AT&T has explained their use cases and why they like MPLS L3VPN approach.

Making OpenStack Production Ready with Kubernetes and OpenStack-Salt - Part 3

2 minute start or upgrade is awesome, but how does this behave under real workload, scale, and during long term operation? High Availability of OpenStack components is easy, but how to run MySQL Galera or RabbitMQ cluster on Kubernetes? How to run Kubernetes itself in HA? Should we run Kubernetes components in manifests as well? These are the questions, which must be answered before putting your workload on this setup.


OpenStack Neutron IPv6 support in OpenContrail SDN

As private cloud (primary based on OpenStack) deployers and integrators lots of customer ask as about support of IPv6. Most of our deployments run on OpenContrail SDN&NFV. Reasons are described in our previous blogs ( . OpenContrail SDN supports IPv6 for quite long, but there is not so many real tests. Therefore we decided to share procedure how we configured and used IPv6 in OpenStack.

Kubernetes and OpenStack multi-cloud networking

Kubernetes brings a new way to manage container-based workloads and enables similar features like OpenStack for VMs for start. If you start using Kubernetes you will soon realize that you can deploy easily it in AWS, GCE or Vagrant, but what about your on-premise bare-metal deployment? How to integrate it into your current OpenStack or virtualized infrastructure? All blog posts and manuals document small clusters running in virtual machines with sample web applications, but none of them show real scenario for bare-metal or enterprise performance workload with integration in current network design. To properly design networking is the most difficult part of architectural design, just like with OpenStack.

OpenStack Neutron LbaaS integration with physical F5 in OpenContrail SDN

In this blog we would like to show how to integrate physical F5 under OpenContrail SDN and create Load Balancer pools through standard Neutron LbaaS API.

Load Balancers are very important part of cloud and OpenStack Neutron has enabled to use LbaaS features since release Grizzly. However upstream implementation with OpenvSwitch/HAProxy does not provide High Availability by design. SDN OpenContrail provides HA LbaaS feature with HAProxy...

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OpenStack Benchmarking for Humans

OpenStack is, without any doubt, a huge ecosystem of many coordinated services. Rally is a benchmarking tool that hepls to answer following question: “How does OpenStack behave at different scales?”. To make this possible, Rally automates and unifies OpenStack deployments, cloud verification and benchmarking.

Rally does it in a generic way, making it possible to check whether OpenStack is going to perform well on, let’s say...